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About Little Vessels

Handmade Wooden Vessels

Little Vessels are hand built, wooden standup paddle boards. Boards are crafted from a low density, ultra-lightweight marine grade plywood. They are then reinforced with a combination of fiberglass cloth and epoxy resin. The result is a paddle board unrivaled in beauty and originality, with enough strength and durability to withstand the greatest paddling missions.

Stand Up Paddle Boards

Little Vessels stand up paddle boards are available in either a 14 foot design or a 12 foot design. Boards are 29 inches wide, and exceptionally stable in the water. The 14 foot board maintains a straight course with very little effort, and is a slightly faster ride. 14 foot boards are recommended for extended, multi-hour/day paddles, and paddlers that have a destination not to be reckoned with. 12 foot boards are recommended for casual paddlers who aim to have nothing but fun. Both models are designed for touring on lakes, rivers and the ocean. Swell, chop, small surf and sharks are all friends of Little Vessels.

Custom Options

Each Little Vessels stand up paddle board is highly customizable. Unique deck rigging designs, enabling paddlers to carry gear of all shapes and sizes. Internal storage, upping the storage capacity for multi-day pursuits. Unlimited colors and color schemes to suit every paddlers wildest boat dreams. Little Vessels owners are encouraged to be involved in the design and customization of their paddle board!

Pricing and Availablity

Boards start at $3,000. It takes six weeks to build a Little Vessel from start to finish. A  50% deposit is requested at the time of order, the remainder paid in full when the board is finished and in the hands of it’s new owner. Little Vessels is currently taking orders for boards and will work to get each order to the top of the build que as quickly as possible.

Get in Touch

Little Vessels is happy to answer any questions about our boards, or the adventures they have served us on. Please contact us at

2 comments on “About Little Vessels

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  2. Michael Beauregard
    May 29, 2012

    Don’t sit around and wait for your ship to come in….stand up and paddle out to it!

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